Recent Student Testimonies

rodney howard browne

Food ministry – every opportunity counts.

I served in the food ministry this Sunday, and it was amazing. What I thought would be a boring line with food distribution opened my eyes and my heart to a new level. People who just walked out of the service had already been fed on a spiritual level, but now their hungry bellies were waiting to be fed. Their hearts were filled with faith as they walked out of the church and the faith for God to provide them with food. They walked in a line towards this week’s rescue, to not walk around hungry. We have to understand the meaning of food ministry and not just food distribution. We still get the chance to minister to these people as the walk out of the church and enter their daily lives. It makes a difference to just say some kind words like, “God bless you,” or “Have a great day.” Many of them have just received Jesus in their hearts and now we get the opportunity to act and follow up on it. We get the chance to be Jesus to them, just loving them and blessing them with a box of food for their week. You get the privilege of seeing their faces change as they receive a box of groceries. Their eyes get filled with hope and thankfulness. For many people the food ministry is the answer to their prayer.

I now understand the importance of taking every opportunity I get to bless another person. Even if all I can give is love, that is enough. Every act of love in the footprints of Jesus makes a difference in this world and takes us one step closer to leading another soul to Jesus.

I am honored to serve in a church where loving people and rescuing them is the number one goal. It is not about numbers but about showing people how to live a worthwhile life and make an eternal impact with their lives.


Sara B