Winter Camp Meeting | Jonathan Sofge Testimony

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Winter Camp meeting impacted my life because it was a non-stop roller coaster ride from heaven. It was a week full of serving other people, sacrificing the flesh at a higher level, and pressing into the spirit. I had the privilege of helping the security team every night of the week but one, serving people at the food tent for dinner every night, and serving food for the Pastoral brunch. Besides serving, Winter Camp meeting was a week of sacrificing the flesh at a whole new level. The week consisted of late nights from the services and early mornings of serving with little rest. It is amazing how God sustained me through it. One night, I didn’t get home until three in the morning after giving someone a ride to their home. Another thing that happened for me during camp meeting was giving an alabaster box; something that required a lot financially. I believe it was Thursday night and the man of God gave a powerful word on giving so I did and afterward, another offering was given for the Pastor and I wanted to give to him too. So I ended up giving just about everything in my bank account except some money I needed to pay my rent. Since then, God has just continued to bless me going in and coming out. Two Saturdays ago, someone ran into my truck a few days after I had given my alabaster. Well, the insurance company wound up cutting me a check and my uncle is going to fix the truck for a lot less than what they gave me so I’ll end up having a lot more money than I had before. Praise God he is so good; he is more than able to make bad situations turn around for the better.

Great Awakening Tour City #30 Minneapolis, Minnesota | Mary O Testimony

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I had the honor of going out twice with the Team while they were here in Minneapolis. The first saturday was like casting out a net. 16 Souls to the Lord. The next saturday, we were asked to leave the shopping center where we were and where 20 souls were won. I just didn’t want to let that stop me so I went outside in the wind and snow to the Brooklyn Center area and another 3 people excepted Jesus. The Lord told me that there was someone who was waiting for me…..she was the girl at the counter at the pizza place I went next. She said she had been so confused about things and didn’t know what to do. The next day, Sunday, I went to a family function and led 8 out of my 12 family members to the Lord. I have been praying for this for years. The Lord is so good. Thank you for turning up the flame on my fire.

Mary O
Maple Grove Minnesota United States

Great Awakening Tour City #30 Minneapolis, Minnesota | Janet W Testimony

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I had to leave for home on the 26th. On the way, we stopped at a truck stop and I went in to use the restroom. I asked the Lord to send someone in there that He would like me to read the script to and while I was washing my hands, a lady with a little girl came in. I knew that was the person God sent. She washed her hands and was obviously uncomfortable with the presence of God in the room. She was about to leave when she noticed her little girl was now using a stall. She kept talking to her daughter and when the little girl came out, her mother was helping her wash her hands (I wasn’t just standing there, I was waiting for my daughter since she had come in also) and I approached her and read the script. She was swaying back and forth during the reading and the swaying got more pronounced before I was done. She said the prayer and told me “Thank You” and rushed out the door. My daughter and I left the restroom and I overheard the lady telling whoever would listen that a lady prayed with her in the bathroom. It was so awesome! That makes number 9 for the Lord for the week. I am so blessed when I read the script. I was even blessed when I was rejected by so many during the week (I was rejected about 40 times) but I KNOW there were seeds planted and I kept that in mind so I didn’t get discouraged by the rejections. I have been praying for the people I came in contact with and ‘Deuteronomy 11:24 Every place whereon the sole of your foot shall tread shall be yours: from the wilderness, and Lebanon, from the river, the river Eurphrates, even unto the hinder sea shall be your border.’ I have been asking the Lord to claim every area I set my foot, for His Kingdom. Thank You, Lord! Amen.

Janet W
Karlstad Minnesota United States