Matters of the Heart | Thomas Ransome Testimony

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As a student at RBI, I have learned the value of soul winning. It is the very heart of God put into action. We are taught as young children that God is love, yet many times we have an understanding of what that means, but not the wisdom to put that into action. Soul winning is putting that love into action, reconciling those who have not experienced that love to a place that allows them to experience the loving embrace of Daddy. Sunday, December 13th, 2009 was no different from any other Sunday except that the method of reconciliation was different.

We have several buses that go into the community and pick up people who would not otherwise go to church for any number of reasons. It was the first time that I helped out with the bus ministry and I was not necessarily expecting anything to happen. Watching people get on the bus because they were following a routine was normal to see. Kids got on the bus wanting toys, adults got on the bus because they were getting food, and teens got on the bus because their parents made them come. The bus ride home was the difference. Toys given to children were a major part of the excitement, but it was amazing to see every single hand on the bus go up when asked, “Who has Jesus in their heart?” Children were quicker to respond than the adults.

Jesus said, “Let the little children come unto me…” and that is what happened on Sunday. Children came to the church and were received with the loving arms. We are the body of Christ and on Sunday, lives were transformed by the loving arms of Jesus Christ through us. I thank God that I was able to be a part of ministering the love of God to people door to door and then seeing the fruit of that labor. I saw the love of God on every face during that bus ride home.

Matters of the Heart | Laura P Testimony

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On the thirteenth of December, we had an amazing outreach into the local Tampa Bay area through a massive toy distribution into the community for any child who needed a toy for Christmas. We as a church had been going out on the streets; advertising and saturating the community with fliers for weeks and leading people to the Lord through what we called “Operation Raven.” Nothing was quite so amazing as watching those same families come to church on Sunday and being able to show them the love of God in a way they had never experienced it before..The kids that were brought in were so excited to be there and were all smiles and laughter. I was helping in the children’s ministry and doing praise and worship with the band, that day and I cannot explain how beautiful it was to see two hundred and fifty children raising their hands and worshiping God. It was such an honor to be in that position and to see what God can do through you and in the lives of so many kids. The whole team on stage were blown away. The games and lesson that were taught were made so alive that when the altar call was given, there was not a dry eye in that sea of children. The graphic account of how Jesus bore our sins for us so that we could be with him was very intense and not a child moved in the whole building. When the altar call was given, one hundred and fifty-six of them poured toward the altar and committed their lives to Jesus for the very first time. That in itself made the whole day worthwhile. It was so cool to be able to be used of God in such a life changing way, it is such a blessing to volunteer at this church.

Camp Meeting 2010 | Rosemarie Morgan Testimony

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One of the key lessons for me coming out of camp meeting is the need for us to recognize by our action that our total dependency is in God. We must get hungry for God like we have never been before. We must have a burning desire for the Fire of God to set us ablaze so that we can be changed, so that revival can start in and with us. There must be a pruning, a cutting away, a mortifying of everything and anything that stands between us and God. It takes faith in God to operate in His Kingdom. There is no choice, because without faith we cannot please God.

We must be a people lead by the Spirit of God, who stands on the Word of God knowing that we are already victorious in accomplishing what God has called us to do: to win souls, to shake nations to advance the Kingdom of God. We stand on the Word of God and nothing else moves us. We must live, breathe and eat the Word of God. It is time for us to consistently function in the realm of the Kingdom of God and not in the fleshly Kingdom of this world. We must be the light and the salt of this earth.

We must be at the place to hear God’s direction and directive for this end time. We must access all that God has for us so that we may become all God wants us to be. We must represent God here on earth in all his fullness, ascribing unto Him all honor and Glory. We cannot do this without the Fire of God burning away the sin and the dross that distracts and besets us. God wants to pour out his anointing but He must be able to trust us to handle it as his Ambassadors; we must be Holy as he is Holy.

We are at a time and place where it is going to take a radical called out group of believers to avail themselves to God to shake cities, states, nations, regions. The enemy is not our equal because greater is He that is in us than he that is in the World. We cannot continue to operate in the worldly Kingdom and beat Satan at his game. We must make a conscious decision to live for God. It is all or nothing. Nothing is sacred in our lives if we are to be used of God. This is not a game it is about being totally yielded, presenting ourselves, as a living sacrifice unto God even unto death. It is time! The only worth that the content of our Alabaster box must carry is to be poured out at the foot of Jesus. Nothing is more precious than Him.