Rodney Howard Browne – Tricia R. Testimony

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I prayed with a lady who was weeping and crying as she was receiving Christ.  She said, “I have to share this with my sister.”  I and my husband do outreach regularly.  I have prayed with 93 people in 4 days.

There were two girls walking down the street.  One of them got born again and told me it was her birthday.  Then I prayed with 3 girls and 1 guy who were pushing their grocery cart.

I talked with a man on oxygen at the nursing home.  He went through the prayer with his eyes and then he pulled down the oxygen mask halfway through the prayer.  A young staff member who came into the room said that this prayer with the man “made his day.”  I talked with him and he said he was born again by the blood of Jesus and showed me a tattoo of the entire verse of John 3:16 on his left arm from the elbow to his wrist.

In the park, I prayed with 2 ladies, and then I met a group of 3 that didn’t speak English. I gave them the Spanish script and one lady read it out loud.  All 3 got saved.

I knocked on the door and a guy answered who got saved.  A Spanish couple with a week-old baby also got saved.  They looked very happy after they said the prayer.  I had a lot of favor today, and I was able to lead 10 people to the Lord.