Ministers Conference 2010 – Angela P. Testimony

I didn’t get a whole lot out of ministers’ conference because I was serving and missed it.  What little bit I did get out of it that I overheard was confirmation to go into business.  I have a couple of businesses that I’ve been pursuing and the enemy has attacked me from every angle possible.

I even thought that it was not in the Lord’s plan for me to be a business owner until the ministers’ conference and that’s where I received confirmation from the Lord.  I realized how much of an impact a business can have on the kingdom.  The Lord was downloading a lot of information into my spirit.

I’m going to be in obedience and press on to what the Lord has called me to do.  Seek ye first the kingdom and His righteousness and the rest will be added on.

Ministers Conference 2010 – Eben G. Testomony

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Minister’s Conference 2010 was an amazing experience for me I learned so much in so many areas of my life. God revealed new things in my life that needed some work and new things of Him that I never knew. My vision became better and bigger for what I am called. My limited’s became less and boundaries was broken off, If I would write about everything of what God has done in that week I would use a few more pages.

But there is one part of my life that God really worked on I served 80 percent of the conference and we have two classes: Ministry of helps and Submission and Authority that really came in to practice, I sometimes had to work in kids church and after the service people would say that was the best service yet and I would go ask God why must I work and miss out on that??The next day Pastor Rodney would say that was in his top 5 services! I will just shake my head and ask why? but what I didn’t know is that God wanted me to learn how to serve even when people would come and say don’t miss this or that or wow how could you miss that out, because one day in my own ministry there is going to things that is going to sound better and things rather to do than to work hard, I must be focused on God and he will do the work inside of me while I am working! I have started learning how to focus on God and to press in while I am serving bit I have still a lot to learn and have to get a lot hungrier for God!