Rodney Howard Browne – Matthew B. Testimony

When thinking or talking about these meetings that are taking place live on C.T.N every night, only one word comes to mind “revival”. AMEN! I’ve been to every meeting besides one. I’ve worked security every night; even know I have been serving every night I have still been hit with the power. Guess you can say I was drinking on the job, which is some of the times I get hit with the power the most. This past week the Holy Ghost has been working on me. It is not always easy hearing some of the things the Holy Ghost speaks to you to change or to do. If could tell people one thing about these meetings. It would probably have to be that they should get in as many of these meetings as possibly.

Last night which was 01-06-2011 I was on the wall, which would have been the floor if the wall was not there. I was laughing because, I full of joy. If you have never had the joy, you really need to get down to the river church in Tampa, FL. There is really no real way I can explain the way you feel when you receive joy, it is just wow. When you receive the joy, all your worries leave. You may be saying how does it work, well it is GOD doing a work. If you have a question about any of it, come to one of the meetings for your self. You will see that this is real. AMEN!-Matthew B.


The first service of Great Awakening in Tampa – Rodney Howard Browne

When I came this year to the first service of Great Awakening in Tampa I saw many cars in the parking. It surprised me because I know most Bible School students didn’t yet come back. I though that God had sand some more thirsty, hungry and full of expectations people like me. The sanctuary was crowded and Holy Spirit started His work. The simple and powerful message of Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne opened hearts of unsaved for receiving the gospel. I was reminded again and again that the power of the Holy Ghost from the Day of Pentecost is the same today. I saw people changed. The discourage and depressed people ware happy. Others left theirs boundaries and sin at the feet of Jesus while being set free. I could see how much several scriptures from first and second chapter of Acts can change spiritual situation. It was the Gospel preached with God’s changing power. The next two days the anointing increased. People were encouraged to commit their lives to Jesus. Pastor presented the parable of wise and fool virgins with fresh revelation from God making listeners awake. Some people came on front to receive new anointing. God put in to my heart new passion for God’s things and gave me strong desire to keep intimate fellowship with Him. Third day service Pastor Adonica delivered her testimony with power of Holy Ghost. I know personally the changing power of the Holy Spirit. When I was young I was shy person, but God gave me boldness and He teaches me all the time to not be afraid of new challenges. -Sylwia P.