Hannah Testimony

Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne’s latest series has made an unexpected difference in my life. My heart has become more and more receptive to the word of God. With this new desire to receive the word in a deeper, more meaningful way, I have begun to see the fruit of the word coming forth in my life. I have heard the parable of the sower (Matthew 13:1-23) many times in the past but had never truly understood it because my heart was like the “stony places” referred to in verse 20. The problem with a heart in this condition, is that you hear the word and are temporarily encouraged but there is nowhere for the word to take root and become part of you. For this reason, I would constantly see the power of the word become diminished in my life as time went on. I had to continually run back to the word in search of a new revelation following a trial that caused me to stumble into my old ways. Without a heart that was open to receiving the word and allowing it to take root in my heart, I could never experience the breakthrough that I so strongly desired. I have finally become aware of my need for fervent prayer regarding the condition of my heart. Once I began praying that the Lord would take out my stony heart and open the eyes of my understanding, I began seeing a change in my reception of God’s word. This awareness has come at an extremely important time in my life. The change in my heart was the first step to cultivating the fruit of the spirit in me.  The fruit is now evident in my faith walk and most prominently in my ability to trust the Lord for financial provision. God is so good and I am ever thankful for the anointed word that comes forth from Pastor Howard-Browne.