Matters of the Heart

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Well for starters I want to say how much of a privilege it is to be part of the River Church. I come from Houston, Texas with a hungry heart for the things of God! Just being here these past months I’ve learned so many wonderful things about the ministry that I never knew before! I came to Rbi expecting God to fill me up to an overflowing to then be able to go back home to pour it all out…and that is exactly what im getting! Everyday there is something fresh and new from God, weather it’s in class or a service or soul winning on the streets. Never had I gone soul winning in my life as much as I have here, here souls is what it’s all about! And I’m so grateful that I’m able to experience this harvest time with the church. The passed Sunday December 13, 2009 was amazing!! I was asked to help at the nursery with ages one and two. Before service started we all prepared for the kids…i did not know what to expect! Service started and the building started to flood with people! I couldn’t believe my eyes; I was amazed at how many of my people (Hispanics) had showed up. In a few amount of minutes the nursery was filled with kids. The kids were very loving and of course super hyper! Once I got my group of little girls on the floor I asked one by one if they wanted to have Jesus in their heart. They all just said “Yes” with the cutest smile! So I prayed the prayer and they all repeated after me…it was breath taking! I looked into their little eyes just filled with joy that at such a young age they know they have Jesus living in their hearts! It was something I did not expect; I thought they wouldn’t understand what I was praying and that they wouldn’t pray it. But wow God surprised me BIG time! It was an awesome experience! So if this happened in the nursery I cannot even imagine what happened in the main service…or should I say main event!?! God is so GOOD!!