Donna Testimony

The parable of the sower in Matthew 13 can change your life if you let it.  The reflection of my heart has been exposed.  I have made adjustments and I’m still making more adjustments in my life as a result.  The ground I found my heart to be was the thorny ground, it is way too easy for the things of this world to choke out the word of God, to get you distracted from meditation of the word and in fellowship with the Lord.  I realize that I have been in this thorny ground way too long.  I love the Lord with all my heart but I had not consecrated myself, set myself apart for His will to be done in my life.  The good news is that I’m seeing more positive results from the changes I’ve made.  I’m hearing the Holy Spirit more clearly; I depend on Him more than I ever have or thought I needed too.  I have a boldness I did not have before to witness for Christ.  My prayers are being answered quickly and supernatural favor is upon my life.  Believing the Lord for financial blessings had been hard for me to stand in faith for, but now that I have stepped out in faith for even the smallest of needs, and then the bigger needs, I am seeing the breakthrough in that area also, even today I got another financial blessing that in the natural seemed impossible.  My heart is now good ground.  I refuse to let the things of this world ever choke it out and rob me of the harvest good ground brings. Thank you Pastor Rodney!

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