Rodney Howard Browne – David R. Testimony

The Lord has been so good it’s been three weeks in the revival. God has been touching and revealing things to me. I had a stomach problem so bad that I had to go to the doctors. I had my mother, friends, and mentor praying for me. Because I could not keep my food in my stomach. So one day in service the lord put in my heart to take flaxseed. So when I did my stomach immediately cleared up.

I tell you what you have to trust the Holy Spirit that lives within you. He will not let you down. God has been showing me about getting right in the area of my finances. He’s been taking me from glory to glory. The Holy Spirit is the best teacher you can ever have. He does not condemn, he is understanding, and gentle. You can trust him with your life. He wants you to go from glory to glory.

I’m a second year student and I tell you that these three weeks have been more powerful then the whole 1st year of RBI for me. God is really doing something big. In these times that were in it is crucial that you allow God to do the work in you. The more he can do in you, the more he can do through you. So God has been taking things out of my life that I did know needed to be taking out of my life. Let God do the work, he knows what he is doing the meetings have been great, you have to stay teachable and not have an offence.

Rodney Howard Browne – Because it is very easy to get offensive but you just have to allow the Holy Spirit to do the work in you. We need to be effective outside of the four walls of the church. Jesus is so soon to come back, so let God do the work. Amen……David R.

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