Rodney Howard Browne – Lenora E. Testimony

The River International Church has been a blessing to me.  I have been longing for a  church,  a place where people truly care for one another. The River church is a place that I can truly see that  the people love the way Jesus loves.  The staff is Outstanding, Giving ,Truly blessed and Anointed .

I came here with a big wall around myself not wanting to get hurt like in the past.  It has been three weeks since coming here from Mobile, AL and I know the wall has been lowered more than halfway but I know without a doubt it will be totally gone.

I was told through a word of prophecy to pack my belongings, I will be moving, at that time I new nothing about The River International Church or  about The Great Awakening.  This occurred in March 2011 and I had just moved from Texas in January to Mobile, AL to attend college at the University of Mobile. While in Mobile I attended the Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival where Evangelist Nathan Morris was ministering (FIRE).  I had no idea that I would find myself here in Tampa, FL until I watched and observed The Great Awakening on CTN and in my heart I knew this was the place I will be moving to.  When I saw Pastor Browne on TV the older videos, I remembered watching TV with my mom and seeing Pastor Browne on TBN  and I said to myself “ I wish I could go to his church”  and at this time  he was I believe just visiting from Africa or he had just moved to the U.S.A.       AMAZING!!!

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