Rodney Howard Browne – Maribel C., Donna C. and Regis N’ Jody A. Testimony

Maribel C.

I praise Yahushua and the Ruach ha Kodesh for sustaining! I have Familial Dysautonomia, Autonomic Dysreflexia and Lymphoma and a host of other diseases that I refuse to claim – but, the healing is this: MY SOUL IS HEALED 100000000% HALLELU-…

Donna C.

I was so sick I couldn’t hardly move today and tonight and the more you preached on Pentecost the more my body began to line up with the Word … feeling good enough now to sit at the computer… Praise God!

Regis N’ Jody A.

You cannot fake fire and you cannot hide carnality!!! I feel the fire right now right here at home…I need the fire more now than ever before … time is short…

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