Rodney Howard Browne – Paola M. Testimony

RBI has Impact my life and showed me that God is preparing us for great things for His kingdom and His glory, thanks to these men and women of God. Being in these classes is a real oasis I could only see and feel the anointing power in this place is something I never had happened. The power of touch of the Holy Spirit in a supernatural way of life each one of us in these classes. The fire of God is here, thank you Jesus.

I could feel the touch of God in my life these three weeks have been one of the best, in my Christian life new level of glory. in this picture I command was the 5 day of class and power of the Holy Spirit touched me in a way that I could not understand, I prayed asking of him, new languages ??Holy Spirit.

I felt that someone took my hand, I think the Pastor said, bring me to where he was, and my mouth began to speak with new tongues, crying laughing was something beautiful that I will never forget.

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