Rodney Howard Browne – Teresa T. Testimony

How blessed am I!! Extremely, not because of money, or things, but because I have the greatest opportunity to be part of a ministry that only focuses on eternal things. Pastor Rodney lets the Holy Spirit have complete control of the service. And when you let that happen, He can move in people’s hearts as He needs. I am so greatly thankful for a man of God that is obedient to do what God has called him to do.

When we let go, the Holy Spirit can move freely in our lives, and in turn we affect those around us. The Holy Spirit is there to help and comfort us, but He is more there for those around us. I have changed so much by letting the Holy Spirit have control of my life and heart. This ministry gets out of the way and lets the Holy Spirit have His way. I would have never done have half the things I have done, without the Holy Spirit, and the wonderful pastoral staff of RMI. They have poured out all that they have in them into me and others.

They have poured into us so that we can go and pour out to others. As I have sat under this ministry, my heart has gone from just loving the Lord to doing what the Lord has called every believer to do. Go out and tell others about Jesus! And it has radically changed how I look at people. My vision has gone just doing my thing to doing all that the Lord has for me. I can honestly say that I never had an eternal vision until coming to The River. -Teresa T

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