The River Church – Rodney Howard Browne

“This is the Lord’s doing and it’s marvelous in our eyes,” declares Psalm 118:23. I am excited and honored to be at the River Church at a time such as this! Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne’s ministry has been such a blessing not just here in Tampa, Florida but around the world. Over four hundred calls come in every night for healings, miracles, and breakthroughs.  After going to the first meeting of this revival, I knew that great things were going to take place in people’s lives. I had an opportunity to take part in the phone ministry on Tuesday night and what a blessing that was! There were calls from California, Minnesota, Ohio, and all over the United States. Every time I put my phone down, another call was coming in. There were no time for breaks; people needed prayer and we were there to bring the fire to them. One lady prayed to receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost with evidence of speaking in tongues and received it immediately! God gives you the desire of your heart. I remember praying to the Lord that I wanted to be used by Him and this is surely been an answer to my prayers. He is using the fire that we get from the Great Awakening revival meetings to be poured out to others, whether on the phone or on the streets. We can’t be selfish and hold this power that is imparted to us for ourselves. There is purpose for the power. The callers desire to be filled with the Holy Ghost, delivered, and healed and I am a vessel that God can continuously use. -Shani G.

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